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Attitude of Gratitude – Gratitude Leads to Abundance

The opposite of gratitude is focusing on the things that you do not have in your life. So many people concentrate on lack and end up living a pretty miserable life as a result. If you keep focusing on lack then you will receive more lack. People never understand this but it is how the Law of Attraction works and you cannot get around this life law.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not doesn’t really matter. We believe that it works and there is a lot of evidence to support this. But think about things in this way – if you are always thinking about the things that you don’t have then this is not going to make you happy is it?

Learn from the Law of Attraction

There are many definitions of the Law of Attraction. A simple definition is that what you focus on you will attract or manifest in your life. There is more to using the power of the Law of attraction than just thought. But this is where it all starts.

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