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Attitude of Gratitude – Practicing Gratitude in Your Daily Life

Now it is time to start practicing gratitude in your daily life. You can do this on your own or get others involved if you want. The most important thing is that you practice regularly. With patience and determination you can develop your attitude of gratitude in a relatively short time.

We encourage you to use the methods below every day so that you will start to transform your life for the better. Suddenly you will see a number of opportunities that you didn’t see before. You will also see great things in your relationships with others that didn’t previously notice and you will start to feel really connected to others.

Before we get into the methods that you need to practice we need to tell you that some of them might make you feel a little uncomfortable – even embarrassed. It doesn’t matter just keep trying them anyway. See beyond a little discomfort to the bigger picture of transforming your life with gratitude.

We are going to recommend that you meditate and the first practices are around this. The art of mindfulness meditation is a great way to discover gratitude every day. If you have never meditated before then you might find this challenging at first. But stick with it and keep refocusing your mind if it wanders. OK here we go…

1. Gratitude meditation

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