How to Start A Freelance Business
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How To Start A Freelance Business – Part 1


Introduction So, you think you want to be a freelancer? Let us guess, you want freedom, flexibility and to be in control of your life? There is no denying that starting a freelance business will change your life; but it will also change your relationship with, and your perception of, work.

Being a freelancer is one of the most liberating career paths. It is also one of the toughest. Starting a freelance business is not just as simple as waking up in the morning, rolling out of bed, and opening your laptop. Freelancing is not just an easy way to monetize your hobbies and nor is it easier than a “proper” job. Nevertheless, freelance work is some of the most rewarding work you will ever do. One of the most significant things to remember when becoming a freelancer is that the worst thing someone can say to you is “no.” You need to put yourself out there. There is no shame in being rejected, but there is some shame in not trying the first place. You may have to reach out to people— things do not always come to you; you will have to seek them out.

Freelance can be done part-time, on the side, or, eventually, it may turn into a full-time job. This eBook will give you all the tools that you need to be a successful freelancer. It will tackle common problems and answer the most common questions that new freelancers have. There are numerous perks that exist within a freelance business, that other jobs simply do not provide. The first section of this book outlines the basic foundations required to start a freelance career; it will ask you some questions and force you to think about your dream life. This will make you think about whether a freelance business is the right path for you and will give you some hints on structuring your new lifestyle. It will emphasize the fact that a plan is essential, a freelance business is not just something you can make up as you go along. Effectively researching and planning extensively before beginning will be the hallmark of success—ensure that you understand your service, your industry, and your audience properly, first.

After discussing planning, goal setting, and briefly touching on legalities, this eBook will talk about how essential a portfolio is. It will also go on to provide some tips on how to fill it up effectively to attract your target audience. Following this, it will also discuss how you can start working without much experience, and also delve into the positive and negatives of different platforms and places to finding freelance work. You will also have to think about the importance of time management and valuing your work. Your time is valuable, and the way that you manage it will help to dictate your work-life balance.

This blog will conclude by suggesting some forms of business expansion. Once you have reached a level of success you will have the opportunity to upscale it. So, future freelancer, read on for the ultimate guide to starting a freelance business, and changing your life.

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