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Immune Food Solutions – Nutrition for Your Immune System

Chapter 2: Nutrition for Your Immune System

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat”. This is especially true when it comes to your immune system. Research has shown that if you eat well, your immune system will benefit.

Your immune system needs good nutrition to function properly, and if you’re malnourished, deficient in micro nutrients, or don’t get enough of the right kinds of food to keep you healthy, not only will your overall well-being suffer but your immunity will take a nosedive too. People who eat a poor-quality diet are unable to maintain a healthy immune system. As a result, they have a greater chance of developing ongoing health issues as well as short-term illnesses.

You are not only putting yourself at risk of coughs, colds, flu, and other relatively minor conditions, but you’re also more likely to develop more serious medical problems like diabetes, hypertension or cancer. Therefore, knowing the link between nutrition and immunity is imperative so that you can take action to improve your diet and, therefore, your overall well-being.

Malnourishment and its Role in low Immunity

If your body isn’t receiving enough nutrition, the number of white blood cells decreases, and this makes it hard to fight illnesses and heal diseases.

When you are experiencing malnutrition, your body cannot recover fully as wounds require protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins to fully heal. Also, if you’re malnourished you are at a higher risk of cancer and will struggle to tolerate the chemotherapy necessary to treat it. Of course, if you’re malnourished you will also be at a higher risk of infections and illnesses.

While we tend to think of malnourishment as something that only occurs in developing countries, in fact, there are surprising numbers of people in the USA and other developed nations who are malnourished due to a lack of appropriate nutrients in their diet. While they may physically eat sufficient food, unfortunately, they don’t choose the right foods to give them the nutrition that they need. Choosing food that is processed, packed with sugars and fats or artificial ingredients is a sure-fire way to become malnourished over time.

You may believe that you couldn’t possibly be suffering from malnutrition because you’re eating three meals a day, but if the content of those three meals aren’t well-balanced and don’t contain the right components, you may as well be starving yourself.

Micronutrient Deficiencies

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