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Relentless Drive – Part 1 Cultivate Grit and Drive in the Face of Adversity


Most of us are very familiar with adversity, and the challenge of trying to not only survive in the face of it but to actually thrive despite the difficulties that we face.  

From time to time, we all experience situations that are challenging, but finding ways to overcome those challenges by developing strength couldn’t be more important if we want to enjoy the best possible success in life. 

Relentless drive is the answer. When we can find ways of boosting our ability to cope, even if nothing is going our way, we can become unstoppable. Grit and resilience lie at the heart of this. Persistence, perseverance, and perspective are all essential when we want to move forward in strength and success.

So, what are grit and resilience? And how can their power be harnessed to create the relentless drive that we need to thrive? In this book, we take a closer look at the importance of these things in our lives and examine how we can begin to develop them and hone them into a weapon that we can then use to our best advantage.  When we know how grit and resilience can help us in different areas of our lives, and we know how we can foster those skills and put them into practice, we can stand the best chance of success both in our personal lives and in the workplace.

Chapter 1: Grit, Resilience, and the Growth Mindset – A Key Trio

 There are two different mindsets that we can experience – fixed or growth. The fixed mindset involves believing that your qualities cannot be changed and are set in stone. Meanwhile, the growth mindset involves believing that you can cultivate your own basic qualities through your own efforts.

Often, individuals have a fixed mindset about one aspect of their lives but have a growth mindset about another. Maybe you’ve always thought you were bad at math and believed that others were born with an innate ability to calculate. However, you are confident about your musical talent and seek opportunities to showcase it as often as you can. You believe that it’s a skill you can develop over time with practice. 

Every time you show off your talent and get positive feedback, you use it to improve. You’re motivated to carry on practicing and perfecting your abilities.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why having a fixed mindset holds you back, preventing you from taking opportunities that are presented to you. But, how can a growth mindset be developed? The answers lie in grit and resilience. These three things work together to form a key trio that sets you up to overcome adversity and achieve success in your life.

Gaining Perspective for Growth Increases Resilience 

When you exhibit resilience, you can step back from challenging situations, accepting their negative elements while finding meaning and opportunity, even in the middle of adversity. When you find opportunities, you strive harder, set more ambitious goals and take the necessary actions to achieve those goals. 

Perspective plays a major role in this. When you look at things from a more positive standpoint, your resilience can be greatly increased. Let’s take a look at why. 

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