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Relentless Drive – Part 2 Importance of Resilience and Grit to Growth Mindset

Chapter 4: The Importance of Resilience and Grit to a Growth


We’ve already looked at the importance of the growth mindset when it comes to overcoming adversity and thriving in the face of life’s challenges. So, why are grit and resilient so essential for this mindset?

Combining Grit and Resilience is Important for a Balanced Mindset

Developing resilience and grit helps you to not only build a growth mindset but to sustain it too. It isn’t enough to have just resilience or just grit. You need to combine both things to achieve true success.  

Grit contributes to your mindset. We’re all born with an innate level of grit. After all, think of a toddler who is just learning how to walk. Some toddlers will start doing this with very little encouragement from their parents. They start pulling themselves to their feet, taking a few steps before falling and getting up again ready to repeat the process time and again until they’re finally able to walk. Others, who fall several times, begin to need more encouragement before they can get up and give walking another try. 

This natural grit needs to be combined with learned resilience so that your mindset can become more balanced. Achieving the right balanced mindset allows you to have perspective over the  situations you face. As we’ve already pointed out, perspective is essential when it comes to overcoming adversity. 

Importance of Resilience and Grit in the Workplace

One obvious situation in which grit and resilience are vital to success is in the workplace. Most of us have wondered from time to time why this or that person is so successful in their work. It’s important to understand that their success doesn’t come from their intelligence, their talents, or even their willingness to work for extra time or take on more commitments than are strictly necessary. 

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