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Relentless Drive – Part 3 Grit an Acronym

Chapter 7: GRIT – an Acronym

We’ve been talking about grit all through this book, and about how it involves your ability to do what it takes to achieve success. However, there is a further upgrade to basic grit – GRIT is an acronym that encompasses the four key dimensions to maximizing your grit potential. 

G = Growth

Most people think about growth in terms of mindset. However, when considering GRIT, it has been shown that growth isn’t just a mindset, but it’s also your ability to rise above the situation in which you find yourself. It is your capability to seek out new insights and fresh ideas to improve the way you approach challenges and boost your chance of living a successful life.  

R = Resilience

When it comes to GRIT, being resilient isn’t just about bouncing back from failure or obstacles. It’s also about your ability to be improved and strengthened by the adversity you face. The aim of the quest is to be able to respond in the best possible way to anything that may occur right at the moment that it strikes. Each time you face adversity, you must ask yourself how you could respond more quickly and more effectively to the situation, harnessing the power of that adversity so you can learn from it in the future.

I = Instinct

Everyone knows somebody who pursues the wrong dreams and goals consistently or who goes about pursuing them in the wrong way. In time, those patterns lead to disappointment and failure. Your instincts are therefore important when it comes to pursuing the correct goals in the right way. 

Relentlessness is always powerful, but if that relentlessness is refined, it cannot be beaten. So, step back, reassess the situation and change your strategy whenever necessary to achieve longterm success. You can tap into your natural instincts by regularly asking yourself if you’re still striving for the right goal, or whether a better version of that goal has now presented itself. Ask if you can refine your goal to make it more true and compelling, and whether your current plan of action is truly the best possible way of getting there or whether there are improvements that can be made to your approach to help you achieve success more efficiently.

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